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What is the source of the institutional name “ICON?”  


Merle Rasmussen
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15/11/2018 3:55 am  

The supranational espionage organization needed a name. I suggested United Nations Institute Questioning Unauthorized Expenditures (UNIQUE) or “The Institute” with agents posing as auditors. This was met with deafening silence. Someone else suggested International Clandestine Operations Network (ICON). In fact, the ICON seal with these words appears on page 7 of the rulebook and on the “Agent Dossier” created by Jayson Elliot. In further conversations, “Clandestine,” was shortened to “Covert.” Today, “The Institute” is officially, International Covert Operations Network, however, the back of the box refers to ICON: The International Covert Operatives Network.

The dictionary tells me “clandestine” means “kept or done in secret, often to conceal illicit or improper purpose.” One of the definitions of “covert” means “not openly practiced, avowed, engaged in, accumulated, or shown.” Both are technically correct, but I suggest we retain the seal with the word “clandestine” to represent our shadowy origins, which may have been illicit or improper. Let us use “covert” because our missions are secret and not openly practiced.


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