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What happened during the four missions played at GAMEHOLE CON VI held in Madison, Wisconsin?  


Merle Rasmussen
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21/11/2018 4:16 am  

Operation: Sacred Cobra was a hoot! Agents Brock Jones (American), Gunter (German), Dmitry Kastovsky (Russian), Samad Hashimi (Pakistani?), Steve Irwin (Australian), and Jeane "Le Boom" Pierce (French) teamed up in in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. No one expected a pineapple grenade booby trap to fall from a palm tree

. Other than accidentally blowing the head off a water buffalo temple, the mission was a success.

During Operation: Machete, agents suffered from one anaconda and one serpent falling on them from branches overhanging the Paraguay River. An antique beheading sword came in handy to dispatch the anaconda later used as food. Four UNESCO Archaeologists were rescued from Incan pot poachers financing their left wing paramilitary organization within the Pantanal, a swamp as large as Colorado.

Operation: London Blitz featured a heavily populated urban environment with CCTV cameras at every intersection. A grifter faking a pedestrian-vehicle accident stopped a car carrying paparazzi. Another agent, posing as a London Bobbie, convinced the driver to leave the paparazzi car. All their cameras were confiscated. Meanwhile, an agent shot the front tire of a double-decker bus blocking the target's limo. Unfortunately, three of six paparazzi were hijacked in their own vehicle and driven to a secluded part of town and abandoned. Instead of arresting the target, a hit team eliminated an extremist recruiter early in the mission. A lip gloss satellite phone was used to verify the source of a driverless car. Diplomat body guards held agents at gunpoint while their interference was sorted out. Fortunately, only one agent was exposed to radioactive jewelry for a very short time.

During Operation: Way Down Under, one agent was wounded when an unsecured firearm slid off the table in an off-road recreational vehicle during braking to avoid wildlife crossing the road. One agent was bitten by a venomous snake. Agents activated ground sensors that scrambled an Australian Air Force fighter jet and a helicopter filled with special forces. Later, a sniper destroyed a pumping station that removed water from the deepest part of a gold/uranium mine evacuating a mine. The bad guy escaped with fleeing miners but the agents successfully discovered and removed their target. In addition, the team found one missing body and rescued one missing person.  


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