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Are there any new Game Accessories being considered?  


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Yes. What do you think ICON Passport #1?

Travel the world with ICON Passport #1. This document informs you about the top 12 national intelligence agencies plus the International Covert Operations Network (ICON). It also tells you what a player character (PC) or non-player character (NPC) from an agency is likely to know, believe, speak, and carry. Each page lists 17 useful topics when playing TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER™ The Espionage Role-Playing Game. Don’t go spying without it!


Nation: A political body rather than a physical territory. (If a nation possesses nuclear weapons, it is listed in parentheses.)

Agency: An intelligence service authorized to act for others.

Agent Long-Term Goal: Something that motivates an agent.

Capital: Official seat of government in a nation.

Conspiracy: A secret plan or scheme by a group intent usually on a bold purpose.

Criminal Contact: A person who has committed a crime through which information may be obtained.

Formed: Date the agency came into existence.

Headquarters: The offices of a commander from which official orders are issued.

Languages: The use of vocal sounds in meaningful patterns and corresponding written symbols to form, express, and communicate thoughts and feelings.

Password: A secret word or phrase which indicates that the speaker is to be admitted.

Reply: The second half of a parole, often non-sensical to avoid mistaken identity, used for recognition between agents.

Safehouse: Listed safehouses are in major cities with regularly scheduled air service.

Secret Society: An organization whose members are sworn to secrecy about its activities.

Special Device: A contrivance or an invention serving a clandestine purpose.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Measures and activities applicable to a nation’s intelligence community, espionage and counter espionage, and spies in general.

Weapon: Any instrument used in combat.

Note: A brief record of something, written down to aid the memory.



Nation: The Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Agency: NDS, National Directorate of Security.

Agent Long-Term Goal: Create an off-shore banking or Swiss bank account.

Capital: Kabul.

Conspiracy: As the primary intelligence organ of Afghanistan, we will not always cooperate with the American CIA, the Pakistani ISI, and other NATO Intelligence Agencies.

Criminal Contact: Middle Eastern Organized Crime and Terrorists.

Formed: 2002.

Headquarters: Kabul.

Languages: Pashto, Dari (dialect of Farsi or Iranian), and many local languages.

Password: “Afghanistan has the world’s highest proportion of disabled people.”

Reply: “More than 17 percent.”

Safehouse: Kabul.

Secret Society: Order of Assassins.

Special Device: Poisoned Darts fired using strings of traditional Afghan musical instruments resembling the sitars of neighboring Pakistan and India (range 20 feet).

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Geography (Afghanistan) and Cultures (Afghanistan).

Weapon: Antique and/or replica of a knife, sword, or gun. (Warning: May not be functional or use modern standard ammunition.)

Note: The agency preceding NDS was KHAD, Khadamat-e Aetla ‘at-e Dawlai, State Security Agency.

Buzkashi, “goat dragging” or “goat pulling,” is a popular equestrian sport involving moving a goat or sheep carcass away from other players or into a goal area.



Nation: The Commonwealth of Australia.

Agency: ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service.

Agent Long-Term Goal: Have extensive plastic surgery to completely change facial appearance.

Capital: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Conspiracy: After northern hemisphere nations destroy each other, Australia will survive and thrive as a new superpower.

Criminal Contact: Australian Organised Crime Groups and Anti-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Extremists.

Formed: May 13, 1952.

Headquarters: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Language: Australian English, plus about 200 Aboriginal and many European and Asian languages.

Password: “Australian football and cricket are popular.”

Reply: “There is always a sticky wicket.”

Safehouses: Adelaide, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Port Arthur, and Sydney.

Secret Society: Unknown.

Special Device: Non-returning Boomerang, Throwing Stick, or Club.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Direct Action, Geography (Asia and Pacific Regions), History (ANZUS), Cultures (Asia and Pacific Regions), and Survival.

Weapon: Cricket Ball with Cricket Bat and Compressed Gas Injection Knife.

Note: The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is the parent agency of ASIS.




Nation: Canada.

Agency: CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Agent Long-Term Goal: Take control or a secret society or create a secret society.

Capital: Ottawa, Ontario.

Conspiracy: Canada will eventually become two states, one English-speaking and one French-speaking.

Criminal Contact: Canadian Mafia Families, Gangs in Canada, and Extreme Quebec Separatists.

Formed: June 21, 1984.

Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario.

Languages: Canadian English and French.

Password: “Did you cross the border?”

Reply: “Yes, somewhere along the 5,525 miles.”

Safehouses: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

Secret Society: Bilderberg Group.

Special Device: Spring crampons for climbing slippery surfaces.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Geography (Canada), History (NATO & Warsaw Pact, NORAD), and Cultures (Canada).

Weapon: Ulu, flat semicircular Eskimo knife sharpened on curved edge, Lacrosse Stick, and Hockey Stick.

Note: Public Safety Canada is the parent agency of CSIS. CSIS employs 2,449 people.

Lacrosse is popular in summer and Ice Hockey is popular in winter.



Nation: The People’s Republic of China. (China possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: MSS, Ministry of State Security

Agent Long-Term Goal: Join an exclusive adventurer’s club.

Capital: Beijing.

Conspiracy: Due to our great population, we can survive any war, conventional or CBR (Chemical, Biological, or Nuclear).

Criminal Contact: Triads and other Chinese Criminal Organizations and Qinghai Province Separatists.

Formed: July 1983.

Headquarters: 14 Dongchangan Avenue, Dongcheng district, Beijing (adjacent to Tianamen Square).

Language: Northern Chinese (Mandarin or Putonghua), Min, Wu, Yue (Cantonese), and others.

Password: “China is the world’s most populous country.”

Reply: “Hong Kong is its most crowded city.”

Safehouses: Beijing (Peking), Guangzhou (Canton), Harbin, Kunming, and Shanghai.

Secret Society: Ancient and unnamed but believed to exist.

Special Device: Needle-Firing Miniature Crossbow.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Cross Border Security, Geography (China and Pakistan), Cultures (China and Pakistan), and Martial Arts.

Weapon: Pocket-Sized Flamethrower and Table Tennis Paddle.

Note: The MSS is estimated to have over 100,000 intelligence personnel with at least 50,000 within China, and no less than 40,000 abroad.

Table tennis is a popular sport.



Nation: The French Republic. (France possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: DGSE, Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, General Board of External Security

Agent Long-Term Goal: Retire to an exotic tropical island or own a secluded island.

Capital: Paris

Conspiracy: The Knights Templar hid a vast treasure of silks, bullion, spices and other valuables claimed as spoils of war, plus the wealth of countless dukes, barons, viscounts, and other lords that flowed into the Order’s coffers.  

Criminal Contact: Europe Street Gangs and Anti-Refugee Extremists.

Formed: April 2, 1982.

Headquarters: 141 Boulevard Mortier, Paris XX.

Language: French, Breton, Basque, and several regional dialects.

Password: “What do the French call mainland France?”

Reply: “l’Hexagone.”

Safehouses: Bastia, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Mulhouse, Paris, and Toulouse.

Secret Society: Knights Templar

Special Device: Metal Handcuffs containing concealed GPS Tracking Device.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Geography (Europe & Central Africa), History (NATO & Warsaw Pact), and Cultures (Europe & Central Africa).

Weapon: Pressurized Champagne Bottle Cork that explodes on impact (range 20 feet especially if bottle is shaken).

Note: With Haute Couture, Haute Cuisine, and Haute École, the French believe they lead the world in good taste and culture.




Nation: The Federal Republic of Germany.

Agency: BND, Bundesnachrichtendienst, Federal Intelligence Service

Agent Long-Term Goal: Have criminal record expunged.

Capital: Berlin

Conspiracy: As the economic leader of continental Europe, we can maintain our dominance by hacking into telephone and computer communications around the world.

Criminal Contact: Europe Street Gangs, Neo-Nazis, and Anti-Refugee Extremists.

Formed: April 1, 1956.

Headquarters: Gardeschützenweg 71-101, 12203 Berlin, Main Entrance: Viktoriastraße 10),

Language: German.

Password: “What is the code number?”

Reply: “Neun.”

Password: “So you are not going to tell me, eh?”

Reply: “Neun!”

Safehouses: Berlin, Cologne (Köln), Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich (München), and Nuremburg (Nürnburg).

Secret Society: Rosicrucians, Illuminati

Special Device: Embedded Identification Microchip and Microchip Reader.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Detect Threats, EM Capture/Analysis, Geography (Europe), History (NATO & Warsaw Pact), Cultures (Europe), Transmission Interception, and Tunneling.

Weapon: Mauser M98, Walther PPK, Walther P38, Fallschirm-Jägergewehr 42

Note: “Due to safety and secrecy reasons it is unfortunately currently impossible to visit the headquarters of the Bundesnachrichtendienst.”



Nation: The Republic of India. (India possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: RAW or R&AW, Research and Analysis Wing

Agent Long-Term Goal: Stage your own death and disappear off the grid.

Capital: New Delhi.

Conspiracy: Nuclear-armed Pakistan is not the enemy that a nuclear-armed rogue non-sovereign power would be.

Criminal Contact: South Asian Criminal Organizations and Pakistani Separatists from Jammu & Kashmir.

Formed: 1968.

Headquarters: Lodhi Road, (South) New Delhi (opposite DCPW [Directorate of Coordination of Police Wireless}).

Language: Hindi, English, and many local languages.

Password: “Have you seen the latest Bollywood film?”

Reply: “Yes, it has both dancing and violence.”

Safehouses: Bombay (Mumbai), Madras (Chennai), New Delhi

Secret Society: The Golden Dawn.

Special Device: Snake Charmer Flute Blowgun.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Geography (India & Afghanistan), Information Analysis, and Cultures (India & Afghanistan).

Weapon: Katar or punch knife.

Note: India is the world’s most populous democracy.

The Caste System continues to exist.




Nation: The State of Israel. (Israel possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: Mossad, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations

Agent Long-Term Goal: Travel around the world.

Capital: Jerusalem.

Conspiracy: The unrest and instability between us and our surrounding nations will lead to the start of World War III.

Criminal Contact: Middle Eastern Organized Crime and Terrorists.

Formed: 1949.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv.

Language: Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, and European languages.

Password: “Have you been to Gaza?”

Reply: “No, but I’ve been to the West Bank.”

Safehouse: Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Secret Society: Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), “Order of the Temple of the East.”

Special Device: Operative RG5 Vulture with GPS Device and Video Camera discovered in Egypt.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Direct Action, Extraction, Geography (Arab Nations), Cultures (Arab Nations), and Paramilitary Ops.

Weapon: Skunk area denial spray, Sling and smooth stones, IMI Negev, Uzi.

Note: Israelis are known to hunt Nazis and kidnap them from countries where they find them hiding.

Military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens.

Football (known as Soccer in the United States) is popular in Israel.



Nation: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. (Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: ISI, Inter-Services-Intelligence

Agent Long-Term Goal: Become a novelist and sell your work to television and motion pictures.

Capital: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

Conspiracy: Due to our strength, ISI is the top intelligence agency in the world.

Criminal Contact: Middle Eastern Organized Crime and Terrorists.

Formed: January 1, 1948.

Headquarters: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

Languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Saraiki, and English.

Password: “’Do you play field hockey?”

Reply: “No, I’m too busy staying alive.”

Safehouses: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar.

Secret Society: Unknown.

Special Device: “Red Herring” Powder sprinkled across a trail to throw tracking dogs off the scent.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Geography (Pakistan) and Culture (Pakistan).

Weapon: IED (Improvised Explosive Device) wired to a disposable cell phone as a triggering device and Field Hockey Stick.

Note: Low funded intelligence agency.




Nation: The Russian Federation. (Russia possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: FSB, Federal Security Service

Agent Long-Term Goal: Accomplish everything that you can, to become the most that one can be.

Capital: Moscow

Conspiracy: Nations outside Russia are decadent and will eventually implode leaving Russia as the world’s remaining superpower.

Criminal Contact: Ethnic Rebels from several corners of the old Soviet state, Post-Soviet Caucasian Crime Syndicates, Post-Soviet Central Asian Crime Syndicates, and Corrupt Oligarchs.

Formed: April 12, 1995.

Headquarters: Lubyanka Square, downtown Moscow.

Languages: Russian, Tatar, Yakut, Chuvash, Bashkir and others.

Password: “Which train did you take?”

Reply: “The Trans-Siberian Railway, of course.”

Safehouse: Leningrad, Moscow, and Vladivostok.

Secret Society: SMERSH (Smiert Shpionen, “Death to Spies”).

Special Device: Micro-engineered pellet containing ricin fired via an umbrella gun.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Cross Border Security, Geography (Russia, India, and ex-Soviet Countries), History (NATO & Warsaw Pact), Cultures (Russia, India, and ex-Soviet Countries), and Surveillance.

Weapon: Bandy Stick, Radioactive Polonium-210 ingested with tea, and Shish Kebab Skewer.

Note: Over 250,000 staff (including 10,000 Special Agents) and Squads.

Bandy is a popular sport played on an ice field with a bandy ball, bandy sticks, skates, and protective gear.



Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. (The United Kingdom possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: MI-6, Secret Intelligence Services / Military Intelligence Section 6

Agent Long-Term Goal: Retire to a small, quiet village and take up beekeeping.

Capital: London.

Conspiracy: With the help of developing Commonwealth nations, the United Kingdom will be restored as a world power.

Criminal Contact: British Organised Crime “Firms.”

Formed: 1909.

Headquarters: London.

Language: British English and Welsh.

Password: “Did you visit Church Upon the Hill?”

Reply: “No, I saw Town Across the River instead.”

Safehouses: Aberdeen, Ayr, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Hertford, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Luton, Macclesfield, Middlesbrough, Kingston upon Hull, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich, Southampton, and Windsor.

Secret Society: Druids, Freemasons

Special Device: Ultrasonic Dog Whistle Tie Clasp blown to dissuade guard dogs from attacking.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Geography (Israel and United States), History (NATO & Warsaw Pact), Kremlinology, and Cultures (Israel and United States).

Weapon: Cricket Ball with Cricket Bat, Sword-Cane or Sword-Umbrella, Rifle No. 5 Mk 1

Note: The British are deliberately polite. Most citizens like the, “Royals.”




Nation: The United States of America. (The United States possesses nuclear weapons.)

Agency: CIA, Central Intelligence Agency.

Agent Long-Term Goal: Give oneself to some higher goal outside oneself, in altruism and spirituality.

Capital: Washington, DC (District of Columbia).

Conspiracy: Regardless who is President, the American Intelligence Community operates a “shadow government” that is the real “Commander and Chief.”

Criminal Contact: La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours, Organized Crime, Street Gangs, and Prison Gangs.

Formed: 1947.

Headquarters: Langley, Virginia, USA.

Language: Americanized English, Spanish, and many immigrant and native languages.

Password: “Do you know the password?”

Reply: “I can’t say.”

Password: “You don’t know or you can’t say?”

Reply: “Yes. I can’t say!”

Safehouses: Anchorage, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Fairbanks, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland (ME), Portland (OR), Salt Lake City, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington (DC).

Secret Society: Skull and Bones

Special Device: Atomic Clock linked Time Lock Briefcase. (Tampering before set opening time will cause contents to be destroyed.)

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Crateology, Drone Piloting, History (NATO & Warsaw Pact, ANZUS, NORAD), Cultures (North America), and Legal Systems.

Weapon: Baseball Bat, Corkscrew, Cowboy Belt Buckle with tooled leather Belt, Hayfork, Meat Tenderizer, Motorcycle Drive Chain Belt, and Tattoo Machine (choose one).

Note: Best funded intelligence agency and swiftest to act. Over 22,000 employees.



Nation: Supranational Intelligence Organization.

Agency: ICON (International Covert Operations Network).

Agent Long-Term Goal: Become a private citizen.

Capital: Not applicable.

Conspiracy: A secret group of powerful intelligence community elites are working toward an authoritarian one-world government.

Criminal Contact: Cybercrime Networks, Drug and Smuggling Rings, Organized Crime Figures, Arsonists, Bagmen, Blackmailers, Burglars, Cattle Raiders, Con Artists, Fences, Forgers, Knock-Off Artists, Ivory Traders, Money Mules, Murderers, Parcel Mule Scam Artists, Pickpockets, Poachers, Robbers, Saboteurs, Smugglers, Sturdy Beggars, Thieves, Thugs, Touts, Train Robbers, and Vigilantes.

Formed: March 3, 2015.

Headquarters: Not applicable (see Safehouse, below).

Language: Multilingual.

Password: “The blue duck flies north in winter.”

Reply: “Your pants are in the mail.”

Safehouse: ICON operates out of a network of safehouses around the world so if one safehouse is compromised, the entire network will not fail.

Secret Society: Acrid Herald, Dead Game Society (DGS).

Special Device: Eyeglasses with twin Hologram Projectors to disrupt facial recognition software.

Tradecraft Specialized Skill: Data Analysis, Information Collection, Counter Terrorism, and Disseminating Intelligence.

Weapon: Activated by striking with golf club, Golf Ball Grenade explodes on next impact.

Note: ICON was formed partly as a direct response to transnational terrorism performed by terrorist groups which move across national boundaries and sometimes join or support other groups. The fear of terrorists releasing chemical, biological, or radiological (nuclear) agents on the public and the upswing in maritime crime also spurred the foundation of this supranational intelligence organization.


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