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Welcome Thread!

[Sticky] Welcome Thread!  


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04/11/2018 8:42 pm  

Welcome to the TSR forums! Take a moment here to post a little about yourself!

-What is your favorite TSR game (modern) and (classic)?


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16/11/2018 5:09 pm  

I'm Scott Kongable.  I am president of a military computer company headquartered in Hiawatha, Iowa (right next to Cedar Rapids).  I am a long time Dungeonmaster and Administrator (39 years) of D&D, TS, and Gamma World.  My favorite game has always been TS because of my fascination with espionage and world politics (and my time as a "cold warrior" in the USAF) - however, it has historically been mostly D&D since it is easier to find players.  I have a D&D campaign that has been going for 31 years, but, just started a TS:NWO campaign with my sons (11 & 14).

I find the new TS:NWO an incredible story-telling system with just the right amount of die rolling (unlike the incredible amount in a D&D 3.0 game).  The Lucky 13 systems brings a tremendous amount of suspense into the game.

Attended my first GenCon last summer with my boys and intend to run a TS mission there in 2019.

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21/11/2018 2:37 pm  

My name is Michael, and I've been playing TTRPGs since I was 12, so verging on 33 years now. Like Scott I mostly play/DM Dungeons & Dragons because it has been easier to find players, but I stated my espionage career with Top Secret S.I. and the James Bond RPG, and I'm hoping to start a TS:NWO campaign soon. I had considered pursuing a career with CSIS - The Canadian Security Intelligence Service - and to that end I got a degree in Political Science, but met my wife in university and didn't want to end up being stationed somewhere far away in Canada for a small starting salary. Instead I've pursued art and design. I am a professional graphic designers, and part-time amateur game designer.

Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do, or die.

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23/10/2019 4:28 pm  

Hello all,

By way of introduction, my name is John Hamrick.  I have been playing RPG's since I was 9 years old.  Recently I have been getting back to Top Secret, but like so many others my mainstay is D&D.  I am retired military and currently pursuing my Doctorate in psychology.  Wish me luck on this one.  Thanks.

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27/12/2019 7:31 pm  

Howdy everyone!

I'm on several different RPG forums. The PbP forum I frequent, , is attempting to start a TS:NWO play-by-post. So my google wanderings led me here for further information. Not sure where to properly advertise that game starting up, but at least I'm here! :D

Be well everyone!

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