Daniel Horne

Artist: Daniel Horne

Daniel Horne is an artist whose career spans more than three decades. His art has graced almost 500 book covers from The Hardy Boys to the Dungeons and Dragons game books and all points in-between. This masterful illustrator had done gaming work for Iron Crown Enterprises, West End Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, and Troll Lord Games, illustrated cards for Magic the Gathering and provided the art for the packaging for many of the Batman toys of the 1990s. Daniel has illustrated children’s books including Young Merlin which won the Children’s Choice award for best illustrated book. His comic work includes cards and covers for magazines including Dragon, Amazing Stories, and Dungeon as well as a back cover for Heavy Metal. Daniel did the portrait of the murdered mother in Guillermo Del Toro’s movie Crimson Peak. Daniel’s work is included in the book Masters of Dragonlance Art and his painting “Arcadia” was chosen as the cover of prestigious fantasy art annual SPECTRUM 9. His historical portraits are carried in art galleys and have part of museum shows. He is currently working on a young adult project.