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YouTube of how to play this game?  


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24/12/2018 2:24 am  

It would be INCREDIBLE beneficial if you guys would toss up some YouTube videos of how to play this game.  I have read the entire rule book and my head is spinning.  I was hoping to play this game soon, but there is just no way as I feel like I don't even understand the basics.  I would love to learn from the "experts."  Go nuts and film one of your games from start to finish for us all to see and learn from.

Jimmy Bullett
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17/01/2019 12:05 am  

there is a twitch feed of the guys from Theater of the Mind playing the game:


Its worth a watch - you will pick up on some neat house rules which are really necessary with the game.  Play it loose and fast - its fun but you wont find the same degree of crunch and structure that you will with a Wizards or Fantasy Flight Games product. There are plenty of "where's the rule for that" moments around the table.  Just wing it and have it make sense for your group = the game is a dream come true for my group


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21/03/2020 3:43 pm  

TSR videos on YouTube


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