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G-Core: Selling you...

G-Core: Selling your soul while eating Italian  


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Bargain of Kalfu
Power Table: 2
Free Points: 30
You were once a mortal man or woman, but you decided to play with fates and dabbled with voodoo magic. In your desperation for something more you summoned the spirit of Kalfu and struck an eternal bargain with the evil spirit. Now immortal, you live life knowing you cannot die. But you have to be careful and always cover your true nature. There are always those looking for immortality themselves. In the shadows, Kalfu lurks, seeking regular tribute in exchange for the gift he has given you. For it is a gift that can easily be taken back. It is your dark bargain that maintains you and it can also destroy you. Bargain of Kalfu have the following:

‘Life eternal, isn’t it grand?’: You have Immortality at 100 Rank. You cannot be killed. But this also comes at a price. You do not age and you outlive mortals. If you are not careful someone might notice. Maybe you pretend to be your own child or maybe you assume another identity. In the age of technology it’s becoming harder and harder to pull this off in the civilized world. To make matters worse, this life everlasting is getting to you, even if you don’t realize it. For every 100 years your character has lived, take a MINOR FLAW.

Stench of Darkness: Those who practice magic and those who are psychic automatically get an uneasy feeling when you are around. Those who can see spirits will see a strange dark shadow with white piercing eyes hovering over you. And every now and then it will look towards those who can see it and flash a smile of bloodied razor sharp teeth.

Voodoo Smart: You have the Special Focus of Voodoo Magic +30. (If you are running Italiano Orrore go ahead and don’t allow your players to have this one. Besides, magic isn’t real…right?)

‘Your soul I do own, my love’: Your soul belongs to Kalfu. You are at his constant beckoning and may not deny him a request. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a smoke and sometimes it’s something much darker. But if you fail to carry out his request, he will eat your soul.


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