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The Basic Rules

[Sticky] The Basic Rules  


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04/11/2018 8:38 pm  

1) Keep conversation TSR product related. Don't spam the page either. If you are discussing something, don't start new posts in order to keep the topic going. Post under your original.

2) Be civil. Don't be condescending. Don't cuss. Don't troll.

3) Keep conversations rated PG. This is a teens+ group.

4) Be welcoming to new players. Not everyone is an experienced gamer. 

5) If you have any issues with members, contact me directly. Do not post 'open letters'. That's trolling.

6) Do NOT discuss the following: Politics, religion and sex. Politics and religion in game discussion is fine. But other than that there is no place for personal agenda here. We are all gamers.

7) Have fun. 

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