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World Building, How I Approach It: Science & Technology  


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Science & Technology

Science & technology in my espionage campaign world parallels the “real world” of today. With present day, legacy, and next generation (2x) technologies represented. The fantastical science fiction aspect of Spy-Fi, is comprised of: legacy+, 3x next generation, 4x+ next generation, and weird fiction technologies.  


All the traditional cumulative technologies that came before “present day” technology.


An expression of an alternative history trope in which the basic technology of one historical period is exchanged for- or mixed with the basic technology of another historical period.  These retro-futuristic, anachronistic, and fantastical technologies are depicted as one of these cyberpunk derivatives: Sandalpunk, Candlepunk, Clockpunk, Steampunk, Decopunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, and Transistorpunk, et al.

Present Day

The cumulative state-of-the art technology that exists in the present day world.

Next Generation (2x)

“Real World” technology that is currently being developed and tested, or may currently even be in use as we speak.  It is technology that is “just out of reach.”

Example(s): consumer electronics, DARPA projects, etc.

3x Next Generation

Highly advanced technology that is currently being developed or that is already in use in secret.

Example(s): The Q-Branch technology of the James Bond films; the technology of the Marvel comics’spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and their enemy HYDRA;the foundation and rudimentary beginnings of Cyberpunk, Biopunk, and Nanopunk technologies.

4x+ Next Generation

Ultra-advanced technology the likes of which our world has never- or has yet to be seen, i.e. the kind that would be studied at Area 51. It also includes the science fiction grade technologies of Cyberpunk, Biopunk, and Nanopunk.

Weird Fiction

Weird Fiction, a subset of Speculative Fiction is defined as: “What makes weird fiction weird is its reliance on unnatural effects. This might include elements of magical realism, slipstream, blending or mixing of genres, fantastical elements, a focus on the grotesque, the macabre, surrealist writing techniques, and bizarre character qualities.”

Example(s): H.P. Lovecraft’s writings pertaining to: the technologies of the Mi-Go / aka: Fungi of Yuggoth, Great Race of Yith, and Elder Things; the technologies of ancient aliens/astronauts (ex. the idea that alien race(s) made contact with humans in prehistory/antiquity to help build the Egyptian pyramids, the Moai heads of Easter Island, etc.); and Spy-Fi TV show episodes: The Wild Wild West, where: James West was shrunk to doll size, entered the dimension of Limbo, was transported to a world inside a painting; an episode of The Avengers where John Steed was shrunk to doll size; the James Bond film Die Another Day, Bond encountered genetic manipulation.

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