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Agent Mortality and Mission Success Rates  


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06/01/2019 8:47 pm  

What are administrators finding they have for agent mortality rates for their games?  Without the Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection of D&D, combat and death is a lot more final in TS:NWO.  I realize that each agent has a fortune point to cheat death once/mission, but, if there is much projectile combat things can get mortal in a hurry.  Automatic weapons in the hands of their adversaries are especially deadly.  It can also depend upon how aggressive the players are or how hard they try to avoid combat.

For example, I have three separate campaigns with four, four, and three players who have run seven, six, and six missions respectively.  I've had four agents die in the line of duty.  So, if you create a metric like agent-missions, I have four deaths out of 69 opportunities for a death rate of almost 6%.  Now one of those was entirely due to player stupidity of charging into a warehouse known to have two FSB assassins without waiting for his team to back him up, so maybe the math is really 3/69 for 4.4%.

What are others experiencing? 

Likewise, do folk's players generally succeed at the missions.  Out of those 19 missions, there have been two where the agents did not achieve any of the primary objectives.  Does that seem reasonable?

Jimmy Bullett
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17/01/2019 12:09 am  

I houserule to allow more than one cheat death moment as I have found my players are more aggressive than I think the rules expect.  We have played three missions with five players and haven't had a character death.  I am trying to find ways to incorporate more of their backstory which they enjoy and so I haven't been as lethal as I could have been.  

Automatic weapons are just incredibly deadly.  

In all three missions, the agents have achieved their primary objectives but not all the secondary ones.

I wonder if our play style doesn't suit the lethality of the combat rules, either way we are having fun and that's all we care about


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